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I asked this question, but He said I should put it on this list.
So here it is. I hope someone can help me.

 So I took the liberty of sending you a email, and hope you don't mind.

 I want to use a linux server, and have one running, on SuSE 6 (going to
 6.1 soon)
 Already I have been able to let the machine participate in the NT
 Domain. From my windows machine I can go to the Linux machine  (running
 Samba 2.0.3) and see my own home dir. (but for my account on the PDC there is an identical account on the linux machine - made by hand)
 (Linux asks the PDC if the user is ok)

 Know I have the following 'problem'.
 I have a department, all working on windows. I want to give them all
 their home-dir and access, also I want them to be able to get to their
 files through the MS network when they are at work, but also through FTP
 when they are at home, or at conferences. (off course I'll also give
 them personal homepages)
I have already configured the Smaba server to be part of the domain. And Samba goes to the PDC with authentication requests. So coming in through the MS network I guess I only need to put in an 'Add user Script'.
But when I do that. I think that they cannot log in via FTP or telnet (because the passwords are on the PDC, and not in linux)
The solution I thought of was installing PAM_NTdom, to let linux authenticate users via and PDC as wel. That way all of my users are registered on the PDC. Whenever someone goes to the Linux machine (either through samba, or direct) the machine asks the PDC.
But it didn't work, because I think that SuSE does not support PAM modules? Does anyone know if that is correct? Or can I install that?

 (also a probably very stupid, not samba related question - when they put
 their html files in the public_html dir, the security is set so that the
 world cannot view it. is there a way to change that, for that dir only.
 I cannot ask my users to log in using telnet, and to use chmod)

 I hope it's not to much ;-))

 And thanks
 Bas Smit
 Universiteit van Amsterdam

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