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Stephen L Arnold sarnold at coyote.rain.org
Wed Jun 2 04:11:06 GMT 1999

On 2 Jun 99, Lajtos <ersziker at mail.matav.hu> had questions about A 
bit more help on samba:  

> Of course I 'eliminated' netblooie and things like that.
> Maybe it would be great if I knew where to set this RWIN
> setting. However I try I cannot find at W95 client side.
> (registry, one of the ini-s,...?) I would like you to help a bit
> more about it, if possible. 

These settings aren't in the registry until you add them, either by 
hand or with a util like MTUSpeed (there's supposed to be a default 
MTU of 1500 buried somewhere in the code).  This is what I meant by 
"optimized for DUN access".  They are described in the Win95 
Resource kit help files, on the net, etc.  Check out MTUSpeed:


Here is the short version on the reg keys (from the readme):

MTUSpeed writes values to several keys in your registry. It writes:

MaxMTU = xxxx to:

(where yy ranges from 00 to 30 to cater for different setups)

DefaultRcvWindow = yyyy to:


PMTUDiscovery = 0 or 1 to:


PMTUBlackHoleDetect = 0 or 1 to:


DefaultTTL = 32 or 64 to:


default = xx to:

(the Win95 default for xx is 0. The optimum is 16!)

Sorry, you'll have to unwrap some of the longer keys.  Somewhere in 
Speed.txt (I think) it talks about changing the RWIN key 
(DefaultRcvWindow) above or below 3072 bytes.  When I first setup 
samba I could barely read files (only short ones) off my samba 
share from a win95 client.  After I changed RWIN from 4288 to 2144 
everything started working fine.  Go figure...


Steve Arnold  CLE (Certifiable Linux Evangelist)

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