SGI irix and samba

Steve Elliott steve at
Tue Jun 1 21:43:03 GMT 1999

Hi to all,
	I'm currently experimenting with implementing a samba server on an SGI
o2 running irix 6.5.3.

	The reason for this is that i am trying to shed some load off a netware
server currently serving files to 2 workgroups containing 40 people. 

	One group is a Survey section that has 1.5 gig of Civil engineering and
Autocad data - this data tends to be of a dynamic nature. I would like
to have this group running off the samba server if possible.

	I have run up samba and have it functioning, however during a recent
Proof of Concept, I had a small group ( 4 ) of users running with data
from the samba server. One of these users was also transferring a chunk
of data from the netware server to the samba server - the network hung -
the 4 samba clients also - resource unavailable. The clients are NT/95
machines pII 266 or above with 32 MB ram or more.

	Any tips for configuring the smb.conf file. For what i would like to
do, Samba on the O2 should be enough hardware. The SGI is an r5k,
primary cache, 64 MB ram with 2 gig sys disk, and 4gig external. Here is
part of the  .conf file i currently have :

comment = acad share drive
browseable = yes
writable = yes
path = /d2/SURVEY_TEST/acad

Currently, I am happy to have all users have full access to the share -
not that concerned about security passwords etc at this point.

Is what i want to do seem a bit far fetched ? The netware server I'm
currently using is a Pentium  266 with 144 mb ram - machine is an ibm
pc310 server.

Put simply, i would just like to serve files from the samba server, to
free up resources on the netware server.

As i'm a samba newbie, don't be too hard on me :-) I'll get there - just
need some quickstart tips.

Thanks in Anticipation. Hope this is the right list - I'm sure someone
will let me know if not :-)

Steve Elliott.                           

Support Manager
VirtuoZo Systems

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