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>Subject: Re: [SuSE Linux] Samba 2.0.3 and win95/8
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>When the world was young, Samy Elashmawy <samelash at> 
>carved some runes like this:  
>> 1st / if I disable file and print sharing on the win 98 machine m save and
>> exit , the linux server comes up in the network nieborhood. Real sweet ,
>> as long as its turned off. 
>> HOWEVER turn it back on , and it disapears. No longer there. 
>All I can say is, this doesn't happen with win98 and samba 1.9.18p8 
>(at least not on our small LAN).  AFAIK, our win98 machine does 
>*not* have any of the M$ updates installed yet; does yours?  It 
>looks like it's either specific to the new linux kernel/samba 2.x, 

suse linux 6.0 (lernal 2.0) and samba 1.9 work nicely together. I just
formatted and reinstalled 6.0 and samba 1.9 . Hopefully I will be able to
incrementaly move the kernal foward to 2.2.5 and insure that all is working
, then mostlikly move from samba 1.9 to 2.0.3. 

Suse 6.1 / kenr 2.2.5 and samba 2.0.3 is realy giving me a ton of trouble.
I cant run a smbclinet susessfully without passing the ip address or do a
smbmoubt to work with out passing the ip address. Realy fustrating.
MNor will amny thing come up in network nieborhood , however I can still
map the drives to shared directrys on the server. 

I am hoping it was somthing stupid and trivial , but man what a bear to
deal with. I do thinh the 2.2.5 kernal was faster , it seems that the java
app we have runs much slowere with the 2.0 kernal. So mostlikly that will
be the fist thing changed , then i can chang samba 1.9 to 2.0.X

>or your samba/linux configuration is still goofy.  Are you running 
>the samba binary from your SuSe distribution, or did you compile it 
>yourself? (always better to do the latter, IMHO)
>Stephen L Arnold            
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