PANIC: assert failed.

Gielen, K K.Gielen at
Tue Jun 1 15:54:26 GMT 1999

Hi all,

We are using Samba 2.0.0beta5 on HP-UX 10.20 systems. We also use encryption and password checking on the NT 4 boxes. Everything works fine except for a few persons. When connecting to a samba share from an NT 4 client they get "unexpected network error". The contents of the last part of the samba log file are:

	[1999/06/01 16:04:45, 0] rpc_parse/parse_net.c:(1023)
  	 PANIC: assert failed at rpc_parse/parse_net.c(1023)
	[1999/06/01 16:04:45, 0] lib/util.c:(2383)
  	 PANIC: assert failed

After reading DIAGNOSIS.txt and a bit of experimenting it shows up that things go wrong when someone is a member of a lot of NT groups (44!!). Removing the membership for a number of groups solved the problem but this is, of course, only a temporary solution
(we are using the group-mechanism to give specific users access to specific applications, files and directories).

Is this a known bug in this release of Samba? Maybe a known bug in NT? Any suggestions / ideas?

Kind regards,

Koert Gielen
Waterbedrijf Europoort

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