Backing up Linux box to Win box's tape drive

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Tue Jun 1 01:49:38 GMT 1999

Hi there. 

This is what we chose to do for our backup schedule: We have a ditto max
tape drive setup on a Win98 workstation; all of our data is kept on the
linux server (this makes backups _very_ easy). Every night after the
office is closed down, I have a perl script that backs up all of the
network shares to an additional share called 'backups' which is globally
read-only. This share is accessible only by the one user who uses the
above mentioned W98 workstation. On the W98 wkstn I have setup the backup
software (the name has slipped my mind) so that every morning, it copies
all files (which are .tgz files, one for each share) to the ditto drive.

This setup works well for us and is entirely automated, save for putting
the disk in the drive. On a PII 350 64RAM 10BASE, network it takes about
20-25mins to do the entire backup, which the last time I looked was
between 100 and 125MB.

Granted, if you have really large amounts of data to backup, this isn't
gonna be an optimal setup for you. For a small office, this works great

On Mon, May 31, 1999 at 01:56:59PM +1000, Stephen Lavelle wrote:
> I am using a Samba server on a RedHat 5.2 box
> this box has no tape drive
> I would like to back up my network clients to a tape drive on one of the win
> boxes;
> Is the following feasible;
> mount the windows shares using smbmount
> tar up the dirs/files
> transfer the tar files onto the win machine
> Back up using the win machines backup programme
> If not any other suggestions?
> Please cc me in reply
> Regards,
> Stephen


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