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Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Thu Jul 29 07:36:29 GMT 1999

On 29 Jul 99, "Fabio Iovine" <f_iovine at> had questions 
about security level flags...:  

>   guest account = pcguest
Does the pcguest account actually exist (eg, like the ftp account)?

> and I've run the following command to generate the smbpasswd
> file: cat /etc/passwd | >
> /usr/local/samba19/private/smbpasswd as it is written in
> docs/ENCRYPTION.txt file. 

The script only creates the smbpasswd file with all 
the user info in it, but empty password fields.  Did you actually 
add passwords to the smbpasswd file?  It's not necessarily obvious 
from the docs, so I'm just checking ;-)


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