Samba & COBOL

Wilman Arambillete arambillete at
Thu Jul 29 03:08:25 GMT 1999

I am configuring samba to connect 10 PCs with windows 95 and access data
from a linux server. Most of the programs, even when they are DOS based
programs that have been installed on linux and accessed from windows 95
seem to work fine. But when i try to run a cobol account application
from Windows95 accessing data from linux, the program runs but a FILE
SHARING VIOLATION MESSAGE appears on the screen.
Since i cannot modify the program source code, i wonder if any of you
have any idea of what to do as to solve this inconvinience.
Tip: Apparently, the cobol program controls multiuser access internally
but i could solve it with multiuser applications developed in clipper

I will appreciate your help, 



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