Problems with a COBOL program

Wilman Arambillete arambillete at
Tue Jul 27 21:12:31 GMT 1999

I have recently installed a SAMBA server on a LINUX server to be
accessed by Windows 95 workstations. All other DOS based applications
ran perfectly via samba but there's a COBOL accounting application I
cannot make it run fine. Everytime I run it and try to execute any
transaction, a COBOL SHARING VIOLATION error message appears on the
screen and takes me back to the prompt. 
I have already tried all advice about variable concerning "sharing
stuff" inside smb.conf but i am sure there must be something else i
cannot figure out.

I should have this job done pretty soon and sincerely i am at a loss
with that problem. Any kind of help would be welcomed.
best regards


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