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> When the world was young, Gavrie Philipson <gavrie at>
> carved some runes like this:
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> > This problems happens with Samba 2.0.3, 2.0.4 and 2.0.5a with
> > Linux 2.2 kernels. The 2.0 kernels did not have this problem. Of
> > course, I realize this may not be a Samba but a Linux problem,
> > but the most likely chance to find an answer is on this list. The
> > reason this is important is that I've got a backup script that
> > tries to back up files over the network from NT clients to a
> > Linux server. Of course I don't back up the pagefile.sys file,
> > but my script chokes when it tries to 'stat' all files in order
> > to determine which to back up and which not.
> Why don't you specify the location (and size) of the windoze swap
> file, and then don't stat that drive?  I often setup win9x with a
> swap "partition", ie make a 180 meg partition (on a machine with 64
> megs RAM) and don't put anything there except the swap file.  I
> don't think any flavor of windoze likes to have the swap file
> copied, moved, etc.  Both Partition Magic and the DOS fips util can
> resize existing partitions...

This hack is of course possible, but I don't see it as a solution.
I repeat that this used to work under the older Linux kernels, so this
certainly isn't Microsoft fault (as strange at it may sound ;-)
Also, Windows swap usage fluctuates wildly, and I don't want to limit
myself by setting a predetermined swap file size. OTOH, it may prevent
swapfile fragmentation.

> Otherwise, it looks like windoze likes to put the swap file in the
> root directory of whatever drive it's on.  I guess you could avoid
> putting anything important in the root dir (and then don't stat or
> anything else)...

I'm using the backups to completely restore a PC if its disk fails, so
the backup needs to be complete. That means excluding the root dir is
certainly not an option.



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