Access with no Unix account

Lack Mr G M gml4410 at
Mon Jul 26 17:13:27 GMT 1999

   I have a mixture of Unix/NT clients/servers.  Not all users with
accounts on NT have accounts on Unix, but there are occasions when it
would be useful to be able to get them to connect to Samba.  (Setting up
accounts is not an option).

   I had hoped to be able to do this using NT validation (server =
{NT-server}) along with "force user" and "force group", to get the
connexion to use a shared unix id. However, in order for it to work I
appear to also have to set "guest ok", and the connexion is then logged
as being from "guest".  (It also might allow connexions with no
validation at all?).

   What I need is for a connexion using NT validation to be able to
succeed iff the id/password validates Ok (ie. a password is needed)
*but* for the connexion to be logged under the original id.

   Is this possible?

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