smbmount, NT and pagefile.sys woes

Gavrie Philipson gavrie at
Sun Jul 25 13:01:13 GMT 1999


I've got a problem reading certain files from NT workstation 4 shares.
The main problem seems to be pagefile.sys, but it sometimes happens with
registry files as well.

What happens is, that the 'pagefile.sys' NT swap files cannot be
accessed. Any attempt at using ls on it or anything else fails.

For example:

# ls pagefile.sys
/bin/ls: pagefile.sys: Text file busy

The file is there. It's also readable -- the userid given to smbmount
has Admin rights on the NT box!

This problems happens with Samba 2.0.3, 2.0.4 and 2.0.5a with Linux 2.2
kernels. The 2.0 kernels did not have this problem. Of course, I realize
this may not be a Samba but a Linux problem, but the most likely chance
to find an answer is on this list.
The reason this is important is that I've got a backup script that tries
to back up files over the network from NT clients to a Linux server. Of
course I don't back up the pagefile.sys file, but my script chokes when
it tries to 'stat' all files in order to determine which to back up and
which not.



Gavrie Philipson
System Administrator
Netmor Applied Modeling Research Ltd.

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