Using Samba to save Norton Ghost Images

todd.rosenthal at todd.rosenthal at
Fri Jul 23 22:00:07 GMT 1999

I am not sure if anyone can help me with this. I am currently using Norton Ghost
to create images of a number of Windows NT Server machines. I want the ability
to save my Norton Ghost images to a samba share. The problem I have run into is
that Norton Ghost runs only from a Dos Prompt. I created a Dos Boot disk to load
NetBEUI network drivers that so I can save my images on a network drive. The
problem I have run into is because my  network boot disk only loads NetBEUI I
can not map my samba shares. What needs to be loaded to see a samba share? Is
there a dos driver for smb??? Any suggestions???

-Todd Rosenthal

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