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Thu Jul 22 19:26:35 GMT 1999

When the world was young, "Fabio Iovine" <f_iovine at> 
carved some runes like this:  

> my customer wants to export both users' home directories and a
> public one; as far as the home dirs are concerned, my customer
> wants the system asks for user's login & password before
> providing access to grant privacy but wants no password for the
> public one: is this possible? 


> I tried setting security mode to user (security = user) in the
> global settings thinkig this would make the server working the
> required way for the home's...well, it didn't...I mean I was
> asked to provide login and password but no one worked, neither
> root's login & password, nor the user's one... can someone help
> me telling which flag to set to have what my client asks? can I
> put "security = user" just under global settings or can I move it
> under home dir's settings?


The default samba config hides home dirs, and public shares are 
easy (but you may have to fiddle with the user/group stuff and 
directory sticky bits depending on your requirements).  With the 
config below (mapping names, using the samba account to login to 
windoze) the users will see their own home dirs (and nobody else's) 
and they will all see the public share.

Are you running with encrypted or plantext passwords?

It also depends on the password you login to windoze with, and the 
NetBIOS names of your win9x machines.  Put the samba server in the 
same workgroup as the win9x users.  I'd recommend using the Windoze 
network login (on the win9x machines) as the default, and use the 
samba username/password to login.  Enabling domain logins on samba 
is optional.  If the win95 machines have their own NetBIOS names 
(ie, different than their user's usernames), then you must map each 
samba (unix) account name to the NetBIOS name of the machine(s) 
they login from (in the smbusers file).  If you have no NT WINS 
server, then samba works great for that too.  

HTH, Steve

Stephen L Arnold            
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