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Andreas Fiedler Computerservice.Fiedler at
Thu Jul 22 15:22:34 GMT 1999


you can mount any SMB share (win and real Samba) with smbmount.


smbmount \\\\machine_to_mount\\cdrom -U andreas -c 'mount /mnt/cdrom'

The -U is the user for the share. You'll be asked for a password.

Pay attention to the four/two backslashes. 

It works here since I accidently killed my NFS a week ago  :-)


Stuart Luscombe schrieb:
> Hi, I noticed your message in the digest and I'm having the same
> problem. I can get into my Win98 machine use smbclient, but I want to
> mount the drive in /mnt. But when I go to do that, it whines about
> client names and the like. Have you managed to do it? If so, can you let
> me know how as I'm almost tearing my hair out here!
> -
> Stuart Luscombe

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