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Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Thu Jul 22 16:55:54 GMT 1999

When the world was young,  David Crisp <dcrisp at> some 
runes like this:  

> Im trying to set an HP2000CN up on our network.   Most of the
> Config works great. I can print to the printer remotly via samba
> etc with no problems. The only problems I have are as follows: 
> 1) I cant stop the LPD printing a cover sheet on each printout :( 

It might not be LPD; what does the banner page look like?  There is 
an LPD switch (for /etc/printcap) to suppress header (banner) pages 
called, oddly enough, sh.  The newer HP printers I've seen (we just 
got a new HP8100DN) have internal settings for this as well.  The 
printer banner was enabled by default; I had to telnet into the 
printer to turn it off.  You can also do it on the printer console.


Stephen L Arnold            
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