automating smbpasswd

S Lim S.Lim at
Thu Jul 22 09:29:59 GMT 1999


I have about 1100 users on my system. I am setting up samba and I would
like to use encrypted password. I would like to automate the creation of
smbpasswd file. I have generated the smbpasswd with the
script and now I have to add the passwords. I can not possibly type
passwords for 1100 users twice so I would like to automate them. I can
store users password file (temporarily) in normal text. I am writing a
script to take this password (fork smbpasswd and take control of its STDIN
from parent). It seems that smbpasswd ignores any input from the parent. 

My questions are :
- What is smbpasswd input?
- Is there any script which does what I want to do?

Thank you.


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