Samba in win98 executing Solution 6 - Get error "password incorrect" and disconnected to mapped drive

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Thu Jul 22 01:36:42 GMT 1999

    We are running samba version 1.9.15p8 with 25 or so workstations.

    I've just added a new shared directory for an accounting software call "Solution 6" which is being migrated from a Novell server to a Unix server.

This is the problem:
    I can see the shared directory of the server, and I can mount it and view the files in the mounted drive.

    All is well until of course until I run the software, the mounted drive keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. It allows you to execute the file, run it for a while, then the software locks up and says a certain file is locked. I go to windows explorer and check on the drive and it says "password incorrect", I goto dos prompt and do a dir and it say the same thing.
    If I disconnect the drive and re-map it in windows explorer, I can gain access again. Or even stranger is that sometimes if I wait a while after I kill "Solution 6" the drive allows me access again without having to disconnect.
    At no time do I need to re-enter my password, and my password is accepted always when I map drives and this does not occur on the other shared drives, so its really weird.

    If anybody has any solutions, it would be most appreciative, as I've did pretty much all I can, such as set "max connections=0", removed some other shared directories which are not frequently used and mapping only that one connection to my workstation.


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