smbtar and 100MB

Matthew Jamison xmj at
Wed Jul 21 15:53:24 GMT 1999

I have run into something very strange.   I am trying to tar up a win95
system that has a 10/100 card.  When I force the car into 10MB mode smbtar
works fine.  When I let it go into 100MB mode I get an error that states
"session request to backuppc failed".  backuppc is the name of the system.
It is the same card, cable and hub Port so I think it has something to do
with samba and smbtar.  I can access backuppc from another Win98 box while
it is in 100MB mode. One last thing the system running samba is a SUN Ultra
1 with a 100MB connection to the network.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Matthew Jamison              xmj at
System Administrator    Cypress Semiconductor
601-324-4609                           (CSDC)
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