2.1.0prealpha & cyrrilic sym in filenames :(

Aleksandr V. Dyomin fly at shah.nnov.ru
Wed Jul 21 12:15:11 GMT 1999

Hi All :)))

Sorry for my very lame english :) I from Russia...

I have correct smb.conf for cyrrilic symbols in filenames... it work with
all version of samba exlude 2.1.0prealpha :(((
Linux - RedHat 6.0 (kernel 2.2.10 compiled with smp)

1) in smb.conf :
client code page = 866
character set = koi8-r
... check /etc/codepages/codepage.866 - Ok...

2) smbclient //localhost/test -U test
> mkdir <dirname with russian symbols> // it's Ok...
> dir   // all show, but <dirname with russian symbols> :(((
> cd <dirname with russian symbols> // it's Ok !!! :-o

help me plz...



fly at shah.nnov.ru

P.S. if you want see my config or logs : ftp://ib.shah.nnov.ru/pub/smb

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