MS Word from samba share

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Tue Jul 20 20:18:33 GMT 1999

When the world was young, Brian Salter-Duke 
<b_duke at> carved some runes like this:  

> Does anyone know what error 1025 is? It might throw some light
> on the problem. 

It's probably listed in the win95 resource kit; if you want I can 
send you the RK stuff in a (humongous) .hlp file.

> Apart from that does anyone have any other thoughts?

Yeah, AIX is kindof brain-dead (else, why would IBM be porting 
linux to the RS-6000?).  You could get rid of it...

> Excel files do exactly the same. They work on Dec alpha and fail
> on RS6000. However html files and files with extension for a
> browser pluggin fire up internet explorer and display fine. If I
> click on a *.txt file on the RS6000 share, it asks me for an
> application and if I select MS Word it works fine. It is just the
> *.doc and *.xls files that fail and then only in the RS6000 case.
> I can see no relevent differences between the two machines. 

Are the file/dir permissions the same on the Alpha and AIX shares?  
Are both versions of samba the same?

It doesn't sound like the Word file-saving problem; did you compile 
the samba stuff yourself, or are you running pre-built binaries?  
You could try compiling the AIX samba code with different 
options/flags.  Wasn't there some makefile or source code mod 
needed for AIX?

HTH, Steve

Stephen L Arnold            
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