2.0.x: terribly slow smbclient tar extension

Giulio Orsero giulioo at tiscalinet.it
Tue Jul 20 10:12:30 GMT 1999

Since the release of the first 2.0.x (jan1999) I noted that 
smbclient '\\server\share' -Tx filename.tar
was terribly slow.

smbclient '\\server\share' -Tc filename.tar
is as fast as 1.9.18.

If I use smbclient from 1.9.18 the performance is high (with the same target

These are some tests with:
- Win98pc
- lan 10Mbps
- samba-2.0.5-pre4/rh60
- a dir containing 1,2MB in 52 files

1) smbclient '\\server\share' -N -Tc filename.tar
4/5 secs (included name resolution time)

2) smbclient '\\server\share' -N -Tx filename.tar  (the tar file produced at
point 1)
122 secs

3) cp from pc to samba (after having smbmounted the \\server\share dir)
4 secs

4) cp from samba to pc (after having smbmounted the \\server\share dir)
6 secs

Performance of copy/paste from win9x explorer is similar to that of smbmount.

Is there any explanation for point 2?


giulioo at tiscalinet.it

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