Root Access rights after smbmount

christian.gau at christian.gau at
Tue Jul 20 08:06:28 GMT 1999


I am using samba 1.9.18p10 in conjunction with a 2.0.36 kernel (SuSE-Linux
distribution 6.0). After I mount an NT share with smbmount in the following

smbmount //server/share /home/test -U User -P password -D Domain -u 0 -g 200 -f
664 -d 775

... the whole share gets mounted with absolutely no rights (0000). The "ls -l
/home" shows this:

d---------   1 root      root              512  Jan   1  1970 archiv

This doesn't matter to root but to all users of user group 200 which I wanted to
grant access to the share. I saw other messages describing this error before but
they got no response. Is there a solution for this problem?

Thanks for every hint in advance.

Christian Gau

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