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>  I'm fairly new to samba (a couple of months now), and have experimented -
>unsuccessfully - with getting it
>to work with clearcase. Does anyone have a how-to, or a list of gotcha's for
>setting up clearcase with samba?
>Thanks in advance for any information you can send me.

You really can't do what you want to do with Samba wrt ClearCase.
In order to see files under CC, you need to first set a view which defines the 
versions of files you want to see from the VOB.  When connecting to a Samba 
system, there would have to be a way for samba to see into or set that view
when you connected to a certain path.

The only way this would really work would be if you could set something up 
such that for every user who connected to a given Samba share representing a 
ClearCase view, that users specific view were started before the share got 
served out.  I suppose it *could* be done with some very creative shell 
scripting and samba configuration, but you'll have to be quite careful.

Good Luck.

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