Saving MS Word Documents to a Samba Share from NT

Fred Kunzler Fred.Kunzler at
Mon Jul 19 12:12:50 GMT 1999

I have installed Samba 2.0.4a on SGIs running IRIX 6.5. My PC is running NT
Workstation SP 3. I have a problem saving documents from MS Word 97 SP 1.

If I create a new document and attempt to save it to a Samba share I get the
following error message: Word cannot complete the save due to a file
permission error. (G:\XX\TEST.DOC). A listing of the directory from Unix
shows the following:

drwxrwxrwx     2 fredk    user             51 Jul 12 09:49 .
drwxrwxrwx   41 fredk    user       12288 Jul  9 16:16 ..
----------            1 fredk    user       19456 Jul 12 09:49 ~WRD1479.tmp
-rw-rw-rw-        1 fredk    user               0 Jul 12 09:49 ~WRL1760.tmp

If I rename ~WRD1479.tmp to test.doc and change permissions to 755, I can
open the file in Word and it has the original text. I am assuming that Word
is writing a temp file that it then attempts to rename to test.doc but can't
because of the permissions of the temp file. I have attempted to fix the
problem with create mode = 0777 and force create mode = 0777 with no
success. I have no problems with other applications, including MS Excel, MS
PowerPoint, Visio, Notepad or MS Project.

I tried the saving a Word document from Windows 95 and had no problem.


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