Supporting different groups on different subnets

Glen Gibb grg at
Mon Jul 19 01:04:06 GMT 1999

I have a query about allowing different user groups access on diffeent

We are running Samba 2.04b to serve a number of Windows clients. We have
two different networks (running from two seperate network cards), one for
staff and one for students. Currently, Samba is set up to allow staff to
log in from one network, and students from the other. This is achieved by
running two seperate smbd's, (using two seperate smb.conf's). This worked
well under 1.9.18...

However, under Samba 2, we require seperate lock directories for each of
the smbd's. This might sound ok, but it causes a few problems. Programs
such as smbstatus require the config file to be loaded to allow it to look
in the correct lock directory to show information about the services
that a particular user is using. This has caused problems for a few
scripts that were written when we were running 1.9.18 (scripts which need
to know where a particular user is logged in so that it can send winpopup
messages for example).

I am wondering if it is possible to get Samba 2 to work the old way, where
the lock directory can be shared. Or better yet, is it possible to get ONE
smbd process to manage both network interfaces, and yet allow staff to log
in from one network only, and students from the other network only?

Thanks in advance

Glen Gibb
Ridley College

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