Win98/HP Printer problem. Partially Solved.

Paul Sherwin psherwin at
Sat Jul 17 12:54:34 GMT 1999

At 01:01 17/07/99 +1000, Kevin Everets wrote:
>I set up a print/fax server here using RH Linux 6.0, and Samba 2.0.3. The
>printer is an old (but still very reliable) HP Laserjet 4. Printing from
>the Linux box using lpr works fine. However, whenever someone tries to
>print from a Windows98 box through SAMBA, there is an extra page printed
>on the end. This gets really annoying to the users, more so because the
>extra pages cannot be put back into the printer as they become slightly
>curled and jam almost every time.
Most of the utilities that create a Linux printcap entry (such as RH
installation or apsfilter) tell the spooler to perform a formfeed at the
end of 
each print job. This is _not_ what you want when trying to serve printers
for W95/W98 clients. If you add "sf" to the printcap entry the page throw
will go away (though the last page may not eject correctly when printing
Linux files). I use a special printer definition just for Samba use.

This is obvious when someone points it out, but I struggled with it for
ages (including posting to this list) before I realised what was going on.

Best regards, Paul

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