Printing from UNIX to WIN?

Hans-Joachim Leidinger hans-joachim.leidinger at
Fri Jul 16 21:47:49 GMT 1999

Dear list,

i have try to find out the solution, how to print from my UNIX-Box
(FreeBSD) to a WINDOWS 98 with HP OfficeJet 635. I am new in UNIX. I am
able to create a printcap for a printer, who is connected with an
UNIX-Server and it works well (this was a test, but i have no printer at
the UNIX-Box).

I am able to do a right setting in smb.conf and all WINDOWS machine are
able to see any shared filesystem and any printer. I have no trouble to
print any job to the printer, who is connected with any windows machine.
But the most time, i work with the unix machine (development internet
e-commerce system) and i must print a lot of files. What must i do? Can
someone point me the right way to find the right information about this
case? I have look around the documentation and i have search in the mail
archiv. But i can not found the right information, how to set samba,
printcap etc. to print a job from unix to winprinter.

Sorry for my bad english!

Any tips and hints are very welcome! Thanks!


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