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Weiss, Robert WeissR at
Fri Jul 16 19:37:03 GMT 1999

I just installed Samba for VMS (1.9.17p4) on a DecServer 1000A running VMS

The University Network is primarily NT Server 4.0 SP5.  My experience is
with Netware and NT, not with VMS, but I have the luck of supporting the

My main question is about Encrypted Passwords.....Does this release of Samba
support them, or do I have to modify the clients who want access to our
Alpha to support un-encrypted passwords for now?  If this release does not
support encrypted passwords....any time from for version 2.x for VMS?

My second question involves the setup error message I received...

 The time zone logical SYS$TIME_ZONERULE (or POSIX$DEFAULT_TZ) 
 have not been set. One of them must be defined to reflect     
 your time zone and daylight saving begin and end times.       
 See file TIME_ZONERULE.TXT for the correct format of          
 this logical.                                                 

However....I can't find TIME_ZONERULE.TXT anywhere......

I also had some questions about setting up the Shares.....Group access
specifically....But that can always wait.

Here is a copy of my SMB.CONF file....Please let me know if I made any
glaring errors....

BTW:  I did try to search the FAQ and previous postings to the list....Sorry
if these are duplicate questions.


Robert Weiss
Systems Manager
Philadelphia University
Formally Philadelphia College of Textiles and Sciences
weissr at

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