SWAT issue

Hight, Steve - SBS shight at chw.edu
Fri Jul 16 14:56:00 GMT 1999

  I have had a RH5.2 server running Samba up for a long time.  I upgraded to
Mandrake 6.0.  It broke Samba, so I reinstalled using the RPM on the CD.
Samba works just fine, but SWAT will not!  If I try to start it manually
(/usr/sbin/swat) it just hangs.  
In /etc/services I have a line like this:
swat            901/tcp

In /etc/inetd.conf I have:
 swat      stream  tcp     nowait.400      root /usr/sbin/swat swat

Any Ideas?


Thank you,
Steve Hight
Systems Engineer
Catholic Healthcare West Shared Business Services

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