[oplock_break] Re: Nasty Samba Locking Problems

Paul Sergeant pfs at mercuryint.co.uk
Fri Jul 16 09:07:10 GMT 1999

we have the same problem with 2.0.3 on redhat 5.2 kernel 2.10??.

it nearly always happens if you have oplocks turned on and
a virus checker running on the client pc(win95 and win98)
and you open a word/excel document or just try to browse a
directory via explorer.

there is usually a long time out then word or excel will
report a network problem or corruption to the file.

explorer can take upto 5 minutes to return.

we see the oplock_break error in the log file and the
word/excel document name.

when we turn  oplocks off the problem goes away.

the virus checker is norton anti-virus 4 or 5.

word is part of office 97 or 2000.

paul sergeant
it manager.

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> Please, post your problem to samba-bugs at samba.org, maybe if they see this
is a
> very common problem they will consider it, even if it's difficult to debug
> since it's random.

yes, it does appear to be random. I have captured it happening to me
once and I am pretty sure it is a client bug but what I'd really like
get is a _reliable_ way of reproducing it. The only time I've seen it
a client reboot "fixed" the problem.

It is possible that it is a server bug, perhaps causing the client to
get some internal state confused. Certainly Samba appears to be
handling the oplocks correctly from the sniffs I've seen, but it's
quite possible that the oplocks are the symptom not the cause.

Anyway, I'd love a reliable way to reproduce the problem, so if anyone
finds one then let me know!

Cheers, Tridge

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