samba-2.0.2 compile error

Hongwei Li hongwei at
Wed Jul 14 14:14:11 GMT 1999


I try to compile samba-2.0.2 on a linux box (RedHat 6.0).  The command
./configure did not show any error.  Then, when I run make, most parts
are okay until near the end:

Compiling printing/printing.c
printing/printing.c: In function `parse_lpq_bsd':
printing/printing.c:266: `__ERROR__XX__NEVER_USE_STRCAT___' undeclared
(first us
e in this function)
printing/printing.c:266: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only
printing/printing.c:266: for each function it appears in.)
printing/printing.c:266: parse error before `;'
printing/printing.c:267: parse error before `;'
printing/printing.c: In function `parse_lpq_lprng':
printing/printing.c:381: `__ERROR__XX__NEVER_USE_STRCAT___' undeclared
(first us
e in this function)
printing/printing.c:381: parse error before `;'
printing/printing.c:382: parse error before `;'
make: *** [printing/printing.o] Error 1

However, when I check the file printing/printing.c, I don't find

Can somebody tell me what is wrong?  I appreciate all the help!

Hongwei Li

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