A samba or a mutt problem?

Brian Salter-Duke b_duke at lacebark.ntu.edu.au
Wed Jul 14 05:24:35 GMT 1999

I have to briefly describe my situation before posing my problem. I
do almost all my work including reading e-mail with mutt on two unix
machines. For various reasons related to the fact that we are in the 
tropics I have moved both machines to the university machine room. I
sit in front of a Pentium PC running Windows 95. I use telnet to 
get to one unix machine and X Windows emulation to get to the other.

I am sorting out various ways of reading e-mail attachments. I would like
for example to read a MS Word attachment on the PC in front of me. I
have set up the following:-

I was already running Samba on both unix machines.

I set up a tmp share on both.

In my mailcap for MS word, I put an entry for a script that basically
does nothing except type "Hit enter when finished:" and wait until you

OK. I get to the attachment menu in mutt, select a MSWord attachemnt and 
hit enter. It brings up the script. At this point point mutt has copied
the file to the tmp directory. I have the tmp share in a window on the PC.
I pull down the menu to refresh it and see the icon for the word document.
I double click on this with the hope of seeing it.

>From both unix machines it brings up Word. From a DEC Alpha it works fine.
It brings up the document and I can save it somewhere else. From a IBM
RS6000 it does not bring up the document. It says Err=1025 on the top bar
and brings up a panel saying 'Word cannot open the document'. Exactly the 
same happens with an excel document. Other documents work fine on both 
machines. I can read a pdf attachment. html attachments and several others
that pull up a browser pluggin all pull up IE on both machines and I can
view the attachment file fine.

The permissions are set slightly differently for the excel case. On the
alpha they are -rwx------. On the RS6000 they are -rw-------. The word
documnet permissions in /tmp are -rw------- in both cases. This does
not seem to be the answer as I got the holding script to alter the
permissions in /tmp.

Has anybody got any idea what might be going on here. Is it a samba problem
or a mutt problem?

Cheers, Brian.

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