Samba through a Microsoft Proxy

mike grommet mgrommet at
Tue Jul 13 18:41:21 GMT 1999

I need to be able to connect to a internet reachable Unix server from behind
our firewall (Microsoft Proxy)

(I know, I hate it too, but it wasnt my decision)

I have samba working great on the unix side,
and using the NT machine, I can map a network drive to the samba share

Here is the network topology

( Private LAN, on 192.168.*)
( Proxy server, with 2 network interfaces)
( Public Internet          )

Its pretty much typical...

Now, I would like this to work one of two ways, I dont really care which:

1)  I need to be able to map a network drive from my private lan through the
proxy.  Even though I've set the relevant information in my lmhosts file, I
still cannot see the unix box running samba...


2)  I can create a network drive on the proxy server, but because it is a
networked file system, I
can't mount it from other PCs behind the proxy.  I have tried using the
Microsoft Distributed File System,
which works fine with real MS network shares.
My PCs can see the network path as created by DFS but when I attempt to
access it I get:
"\\proxysvr\webshare\docsdir is not accessible.  The network path was not
Although the proxy machine does not have this limitation.
(For those who don't know, DFS can map a network drive to a directory, semi
sorta like being able to mount
file systems in unix off of some directory tree)

Well guys, I need a solution pretty badly... Anyone got an idea?

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