win95 directory problems

Matthew Flanagan matthew.flanagan at
Mon Jul 12 03:56:42 GMT 1999


I'm having a problem with a Win95 client where I get the following error
messages in the log.hostname log file:

[1999/07/09 12:46:49, 1] smbd/service.c:make_connection(488)
 03407 ( connect to service XXXX as user jdoe (uid=uuuu,
[1999/07/09 12:46:49, 0] smbd/dir.c:dptr_create(453)
 dptr_create: returned 0: Error - all new dirptrs in use ?

This happens after the client has been connected and using the samba
share for a while (a few hours) and then tries to browse the share's
directory. The explorer window displays nothing even though there are
supposed to be directories and files there. Logging out and logging back
in again seems to temporarily fix the problem.

any ideas why this is happening?



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