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Stephen L Arnold sarnold at coyote.rain.org
Sun Jul 11 01:00:44 GMT 1999

On 11 Jul 99, "Charles A. Peters" <cpeters2 at home.com> had questions 
about swat setup:  

> I am currently useing freebsd 2.2.7 to seu up a gateway,file server, samba
> server.  I only want access from my local lan (192.168.0.nnn).  The server
> is also dual hommed (2 nics for internet access for my local lan via a
> cable modem).  I do not want the world to have access to my samba server. 
> I also have a novell 3.12 server that I do not want the world to have
> access to.

Which interface is eth0, and which is eth1 (assuming freebsd uses 
the same terminology as linux)?  I believe samba only binds to the 
first ethernet interface it finds, unless you explicitly define 
them via the interfaces parameter.  If you assign your first 
interface the local (private) IP address, then samba should only be 
visible on your local LAN.

To keep people out via other means, you'll need to define some 
firewall rules, turn off most services, etc.  If you need to access 
it from the outside world, you can setup a VPN via ssh or a real 
IPSec type server.

HTH, Steve

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