Sharing in another network

Pedro Brandao pbrandao.spam at
Fri Jul 9 10:26:04 GMT 1999

I'm trying to share a machine that's on the other side of a gateway.
The machine being shared is a Linux (kernel 2.2.1 (RedHat 5.2) and samba
2.0.3), and the box trying to access it is NT4.0 with SP5.
It looks something like this

-------           ---------          ------
|Linux|-----------|Gateway|----------| NT |
-------           ---------          ------
(linBox)     (ntBox)

The gateway routes the packets between the two (runs Linux RedHat
(kernel 2.2.1)).

On linBox I've more than 1 network interface, but I've denied access on
smb.conf to all but 192.168.32. and 192.168.31. .
        hosts allow = 192.168.31., 192.168.32.
        hosts deny = ALL

Also included:
       interfaces =
       bind interfaces only = Yes

ntBox also has more than 1 network interface, but I want it to use (it's the one to get to the gateway).

If I try on NT to
    net use * \\\userShare
I get error 53 (The network path was not found), the same thing if I map
the drive.

I've tryed to add linBox to a wins server, to the lmhosts on ntBox, no
If I use a network address that the boxes have (say 192.168.28. ), it
works fine.

I've looked up at: (
System Error 53 When Connecting  to a Fully Qualified Domain Name
(Connecting to NetBIOS Resources Using DNS Names or IP Addresses)

but got no results.

The networks 31 and 32 don't allow broadcasts (it's IP over ATM).

Reading other Samba papers (from MS) I got the idea that the client NT
would try the following to connect to the server (using WINS):
    1 - check if local machine
    2 - check cache names
    3 - check WINS server
    4 - try broadcast
    5 - check lmhosts
    6 - check hosts (if configured to do so)

In my case it should stop at 3, because I used a wins server and linBox
as registered ther.

What could be wrong?
Thanks for any help

Pedro Brandao

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