Dual Homed Samba Server Problem

Tacio AGSantos tacio at psmi.com.br
Fri Jul 9 04:35:47 GMT 1999


Finally i took some time to read some docs, but i still have some doubts:
PS: I know, quoting may not be beaty - I gotta get a better MUA :-)

>Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 13:40:14 -0800
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>Subject: Re: Dual Homed Samba Server Problem
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>On 3 Jul 99, Tacio AGSantos <tacio at psmi.com.br> had questions about 
>Dual Homed Samba Server Problem:  
>I probably don't know enough, but I'll give it a try - 
>Are you sure you need IP forwarding here?  If you specify "optimize 
>as router not host" in the kernel config, and then set a route 

>between your two networks, won't that do it?

Well, I need my host to do forwarding because i want PC_A one net_0 to have
access to PC_B on net_1 and the only conect point is my dual homed host. In 
order to do it, it' simply enough to compile ip_forwarding in the kernel
and then echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward. The option "optimize
as router not host" is just to disable the copy and checksum technique a
normal host perform, as most of the time i won't be forwarding i'm not
using this option. You may have thought about port_forwarding, haven't you?

>> - there are 2 networks: and
>> - i've setup up a Linux box with 2 cards : eth0
>> and eth1 - i have Win9x clients on both networks, ip
>> forwarding is enabled on the Linux box so i can ping through it. - I have
>> only one group/domain called PSMI, and i would like to use it for both
>> networks. - samba version is 2.0.4b and a have the following smb.conf
>> #======================= Global Settings =================================
>> [global]
>>  bind interfaces only = yes
>>  interfaces =
>I think these two are okay, but I'm not sure about the first one.

I guess those are not OK. As far as i could understand in the BROWSING.txt
only have one wins server. I think i have a similar problem to browsing across
subnets. I do have 2 subnets but the biggest trouble is that
i have a common host to 2 interfaces.  I tryed to start a WINS+LMB+DMB to
and then LMB to net_1 pointing to the 1o. WINS ( I used "config
option but i couldn't start 2 nmbd on the same host. Im afraid that with the
first configuration, nmbd is fighting itself when it tryes to elect a DMB
Master Browser), what you think? Well, i'm gonna increase logging to see
happening, meanwhile, if  someone just know by heart or have a guess what's
may be 
going on, could you give a try, too?

>>  name resolve order = wins bcast 
>You may want to try an lmhosts file with both networks in it, but 
>WINS should work if it's properly setup.


>> - Besides, i use dhcpd to configure my Win9x machines, and there a set up
>> netbios-name-servers to be and respectvely;
>If your routes are correct, then shouldn't it work with just one 
>WINS server address?  Or are both needed?
>> Some questions are:
>> 1. Do i need to set up 2 groups , one for each network?
>Not sure, but I suppose it might help.

May help, especially if we setup 2 Domains ( i guess , i guess ), but there
be a way to use just one group.

>> 2. Will i have 2 wins' (nmbds) running, or i can use just one ?
>I would think just one, since it can listen on both interfaces.  
>However, multiple smbd/nmbd processes seem to spawn as needed; 
>sometimes my 1.9.18p10 setup here doesn't kill properly because the 
>currently running n/smbd process(es) don't have the proper PID.  
>I'm not enough of a guru-dude to understand this stuff; can someone 
>step in and bail me out here?

OK, but ... what you think about DMB elections on 2 different interfaces for
the same Domain ) Sincerely, i didn't understand enough this stuff either! :-(

>Thanks, Steve
>(notice it says "certifiable" not "certified")
>Steve Arnold  CLE (Certifiable Linux Evangelist)

Thanks a lot, Steve for your help.

tacio at psmi.com.br

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