Some clients can browse and some can't

Frank R. Brown list.Frank at
Thu Jul 8 18:37:35 GMT 1999

I am very confused by how our browsing works.

I have three samba servers on two different subnets all
set up to be in the same workgroup.  (No other machines
are in that workgroup.)

None of them have a guest account set up.

When nt clients browse the network (in explorer's map network
drive), they do see the samba workgroup.

If you click on the samba workgroup, some clients are given the
chance to authenticate (user/password dialog box), after which
they can see and browse the machines in the workgroup.

Other clients get a 'network path not found' error message.
In all cases the nt clients are on subnets different from the
samba servers, and there is no overlap between nt usernames
and unix usernames.  (We've set up samba access using the
unix username/passwords with the nt encryption option.)

I don't see anything in the client configurations that's
different in a relevant way.  I have clients which can and
cannot browse on the same subnet, pointed to the same
wins server, etc.

Does this make any sense?  Could somewhat suggest
what I might take a look at?  Browsing isn't absolutely
esssential, but I'd like to get it working reliably to help
out our less knowledgeable users.

This is samba 2.0.0 on solaris 2.6 and ntws4.0, sp4.

Thanks for any ideas on this.

     Frank R.Brown
     Frank.R.Brown at MailAndNews

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