backing up samba shares using NT

Jaap van Milgen jaap at
Thu Jul 8 09:20:29 GMT 1999

I've seen some messages poster here on this subject and we have the same
problem here (and no solution).
I can connect from NT workstation without problems to the share (security =
user with encrypted passwords). Also, I can add, delete, rename files as
much as I like. However when I use NT backup on this share, the program (NT
backup) responds that it cannot create the catalogue because it doesn't have
permission to write to the share and it suggests to contact the
administrator (me?). Backing up files from the local disk works fine.
It seems that it has something to do with permissions, but to my knowledge I
have all permissions I need. We currently run 2.04b and we didn't have this
problem in 2.03. Has there anything been changed that can explain this

Jaap van Milgen

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