Nick Parker npar at
Thu Jul 8 07:16:52 GMT 1999

>> NT 4.0 workstation users are complaining that all of their drive letters are getting used up by 
>> what appears to be a rampant network-drive mapping situation.  
>> For example, normally I have three shares network-mapped.  Lately,
>> ceetain people are complaining that one of their shares get's remapped
>> a number of times to take up all the drive letters (except drive letter Z).
>> So suddenly they have 25 network-mapped drives.  
Have you installed Service Pack 4 recently? There's a bug in it that stops network drives being unmapped under certain circumstances. If you have a program that tries to find a free drive letter before connecting a drive, it might use a new letter each time because it was unable to release the previous letter (this happened to us just after installing SP4).

Hope that helps.

Nick Parker
Berger-Levrault, France

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