Help: Access to samba shares through IIs ftp

JFreeman at JFreeman at
Wed Jul 7 22:09:24 GMT 1999

It has been one of those days.  I need to connect some samba shares to an
IIs ftp server running on NT.  I know the ftp server can connect to
non-local NT shares, but can't get it to connect to samba shares.  It
appears that we do not have the authentication set up properly.  Setting up
the ftp server requires us to pick the samba share and give a
username/passwd to attach the share.  When the user connects to the ftp
server, they will properly authenticate themselves to the ftp server, but
the server kicks them out when it can't provide a valid samba share to the
user.  Does anyone have this set up?  Thanks in advance.

redhat 6.0 patched to 2.2.10
samba 2.0.4b
security = domain
passwords coming from a PDC on NT box.
Access to shares through network neighborhood working fine!

Jim Freeman
(lost in NT authentication land, sorry)
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