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Wed Jul 7 20:44:33 GMT 1999

I have (or had) the same situation, did not seem to be related to Samba at
The drive got remapped again (and again), when I had a shortcut pointing to
a file on network, and I opened that file. Also the shortcut was modified
(by OS, check the properties) to point to new drive mapping. I changed
shortcut to read-only and it stopped hapenning.

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NT 4.0 workstation users are complaining that all of their drive letters are
getting used up by 
what appears to be a rampant network-drive mapping situation.  
For example, normally I have three shares network-mapped.  Lately,
ceetain people are complaining that one of their shares get's remapped
a number of times to take up all the drive letters (except drive letter Z).
So suddenly they have 25 network-mapped drives.  
Why?  How?

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