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Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Tue Jul 6 20:17:12 GMT 1999

Howdy Folks:

This may be slightly (but not entirely) off-topic for this list, 
but I'm sure there are some real gurus out there who should know 
this (and I've seen a number of related questions) so here goes:

We just got a new HP8100DN printer.  The guy didn't want to let me 
do the samba printserver thing, nor did he put it on a windoze box -
 he put it directly on the network (private class C address space).

The printer has the JetDirect 600N interface; is that the newer one 
or the brain-dead one?  It doesn't have a hard disk for spooling, 
but it has 24 megs of RAM.  Is there a potential problem here if 
multiple windoze/linux clients try and send jobs all at the same 
time?  Do they get spooled locally until the printer is free, or 
can we look forward to lost/garbled print jobs?

The PC/LAN dude completely hosed up his windoze box installing (and 
re-installing) the latest JetAdmin software and drivers; now his 
Printers folder is empty (but that's another problem).

I set up two new printcap entries for this printer (one PS and one 
PCL) on my samba/linux box.  The test pages print fine, but I keep 
getting an extra page of text (job details?) at the end of each job 
like this (both ps and ascii):

User: arnold
Host: rama
Class: rama

The printcap entry for ps looks like this:


Even when I explicitly suppress form feeds (via :sf:) I still get 
the extra stats page.  I don't get these extra pages when I print 
to the HPLJIII or HPLJ4.  Does it have anything to do with 
accounting?  I showed the PC/LAN guy how to telnet into the 
printer, and we gave it a hostname and suppresed the banners.

Scratch that; I just checked the printer again and banners were 
enabled!  The guy forgot to save his changes when he exited the 
printer/telnet connection.

I just suppressed the banners, saved the printer config, problem 
solved.  I think I'll post this anyway, just in case it might 
possibly be helpful to someone.

(be wary of the latest JetAdmin software and drivers for win9x.  
I'd suggest backing up your registry first, and use something like 
ZD's InControl to log the install process and make a record of 
files and reg keys changed, etc)


Stephen L Arnold            
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