'automatic' Printer driver installation...

Julian Richardson JRichardson at softwright.co.uk
Mon Jul 5 15:40:24 GMT 1999


I've set up my smb.conf file with individual entries for the printers
that I want to share out to Win95 / NT clients. I've also got 'load
printers = no' specified in smb.conf, and the default 'printers' section
commented out entirely.

Firstly; I still get a 'Printers' system folder when brosing the linux
machine from an NT client running windows explorer - is this always
created behind the scenes when I have any entries in smb.conf specified
as printable?? (It's behaviour that I want, so I'm not worried about
getting rid of it!)

Secondly, the 'printers' folder mentioned above is empty. The printers I
have defined appear at the same level as the 'printers' folder, as they
would for an NT-based printserver, but not in the 'printers' folder
itself - how do I get this behaviour?? (I tried things such as
specifying 'load printers = yes' and having a 'printers' section
available in my smb.conf and set to browsable.

Thirdly, is there a way of getting an NT / '95 client to install the
printer driver for a printer shared out on the linux box as would be
possible with an NT based server? I've seen reference to a document
along these lines but it only says it works for '95 clients, plus it
looks as though the mechanism used to install the driver from the remote
share is slightly different (that may not be the case, I haven't
actually tried it yet!)

Any ideas? Be nice to get rid of our NT-based print server but we need
to come up with something that looks no different from a client's point
of view (most of our client machines are NT).



ps. this is samba 2.0.3 on Redhat 5.2 (kernel 2.2.9), security set to
server and configured to use an external password server.

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