preexec: return code not used? (PR#18576)

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Fri Jul 2 19:15:20 GMT 1999

T.D.Lee at wrote:
> But we'd like to go one step further and have the return code from preexec
> be used to continue or abort the connection being established.  The script
> above would be modified to generate this return code.
> Looking through the source code (smbd/service.c), it doesn't seem to check
> the return code (calling smbrun to do the preexec).
> Is there any reason for this apparent oversight?  Or is it a bug?
> Should I try to adjust the source code and submit a patch?

That sounds like a good idea. The only thing you'll have to 
make sure is that by default the code doesn't care about
preexec returns as that's the way most people will have
written their scripts right now. 

You'll need a new option to turn on your modified behaviour.


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