browsing as guest

Andy Doran ad at
Thu Jan 28 15:10:54 GMT 1999

hello all, I'm having a problem which I suspect, is with 95, not
with Samba. I can't get any 95 machine to get a share list or
make any other kind of connection to a samba server when an
account for the user it's connecting as doesn't exist; even
if i set 'guest only' on a share.

browsing/connecting to shares as guest using smbclient works
fine. i've tried every different version of 95 thats been
released, and applied the fixes mentioned in docs/Win95.txt.

creating user accounts on this server is not something i 
want to do, since there's around a 1000 of them. i would give
up and use NIS, but my servers use a mix of DES and MD5
encryption, so that's out of the question. can anybody tell 
me what i'm doing wrong?


ps: can you pls cc:ad at since i'm not on this list.
    is there a digest version?

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