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Sat Jan 30 18:06:59 GMT 1999

Dear Reader,

This is a commercial message offering a mail forwarding service. If you wish to be 
removed from 
this mailing list, reply with "Remove" in the subject line, and you will be deleted from 
our list.  We 
do not sell or share our mailing lists.


Enjoy the benefits of having a real street address for the reception of your business or 
mail.  We guarantee total confidentiality and security. Mail forwarded to you according 
to your 

Ideal for: 
- traveling businessmen,
- students,
- direct marketers,
- non USA residents,
- importers/exporters,
- and others.
 - confidential
 - cost effective

We can receive letters and parcels from the US Postal Service and, unlike a P.O. Box, 
we can 
also recieve shipments from U.P.S., FedEx, DHL, and others. You can also receive 
and certified mail, should you authorize us to do so.

Our mail receiving service provides you with a legitimate New Jersey street address, 
not a P.O. 
Box. This provides many benefits for individuals and businesses alike. Addresses in 
other areas 
are not available at this time.

We are specialists in the rental of private addresses, packaging and shipping 
services. We also 
adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality and security. Your mail is handled in 
a private, 
secure fashion by experienced professionals. The confidentiality of mail processing 
is our number 
one concern. 

We can redirect your mail anywhere in the world, according to the your instructions.

The handling charges to redirect mail are:
$0.50 per letter (business size envelope) plus postage/shipping costs
$5.00 for boxed parcels plus postage/shipping costs

The mail is forwarded to you according to your instructions, either daily, weekly or 

The address would look like this (example):

(Your Name) or (Care of BM&Co.)
712 Wyoming Ave. 
Elizabeth,  NJ  07208

$10.00 USD per month (minimum rental is 6 months)

Example:  Rental for 6 months would cost:
                $  60.00 USD (Rental) 
                $  50.00 USD (Deposit for Postage/Handling to redirect your mail)
  Total       $110.00 USD

Our rates are among the lowest in the industry and our service is among the best, and 
others, we have absolutely no setup fees.

To sign up for our mail forwarding service, please mail us:

- Your name;
- Address where you want your mail forwarded to;
- Copy of photo ID;
- Your e mail address;
- Any special instructions;
- Phone or fax number (optional).

We accept payment by check or money order, in US dollars. We do not accept credit 
cards. Also 
inform us of any special arrangements for the handling of your mail.

Upon receipt of payment, you will be sent your address via e mail.

I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, please call between 9 
am to 6pm 
USA eastern time. At other hours, please leave a message and we will return your 


Bruno Teixeira
Accounts Manager

bmc_mailing at
Tel: 00 1 908 820 0720
Fax: 00 1 908 820 4972

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