Linux/Samba vs NT (PR#13195)

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Fri Jan 29 22:52:12 GMT 1999

Here it is is Sm at rtReseller:,4537,387506,00.html

My favorte quote:

"...we didn't tweak any settings (on the linux box).  (our guess is that
results would have been more embarrassing if we had)."

Evidently, SAMBA and Linux smokes NT!  Good job guys.

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> > The reference is the claim that Linux with Samba can serve files faster
> > than an NT server.  Samba's web page says they are fast, but a) on high
> > end hardware that NT doesn't run on and b) it wasn't Linux.
> >
> > References that show Linux/Samba to be faster than NT on the
> same hardware
> > would be appreciated.
> You may be a very happy man soon :-).
> Do you get the US trade press magazine PC Week ?
> If so - look at a front page story to appear on Monday, Feb 1st
> about Linux on Intel hardware + Samba and fileserving..
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