Granting Access Rights

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Fri Jan 29 21:51:49 GMT 1999

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"John Fleming" said:

>We need to modify access rights on the Unix server so that when file(s) are
>created in a directory the file(s) get the group (rw-) access privileges.
>When creating files in Unix the files do receive the group (rw-) access
>rights.  However, files created on a PC with WINDOWS 95 within the same
>directory will not receive the group (rw-) access rights.
>We have added the following to the smb.conf file:
>	[newsletter]
>		comment = newsletter
>		path = /some/newsletter
>		valid users = @staff @editors
>		read only = yes
>		write list = @editors

You need to set the "create mask" and/or "directory mask" options to something

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